Waitakere City Council Civic Centre

Waitakere City Council

Henderson, Auckland

Year Started:

18 Months

Project Value:

Contract Type:
P&G and Margin

This stunning public centre consisting of three inter-connected buildings; the Council Chambers, the Administration Building and the connecting bridge has won numerous design awards and is the show case of Waitakere’s Eco City vision.

It is the first building to be constructed in Auckland that exceeded the 5 star Green Council rating requirements and the first to have a “Green Roof”. It has a floor area in excess of 12,000m2 and is finished in exposed aggregate concrete panels, glass, aluminium, cedar panels, brick, composite aluminium, copper and fairface concrete.

It has been base isolated from vibrations and noise caused by the adjacent double track train lines. The building is served with the most advanced, innovative and leading edge building services like displacement ventilation systems supplying air from the floor.

The Council Chamber is formed to replicate a double curved ‘gourd’ form which required a very complex structural formation and even more complex finishes like double curvature batton walls, copper clad domes and numerous “bespoke” details. The project was completed on time, within budget and to a very high level of workmanship.