Volkswagen Showroom

Continental Car Services

Newmarket, Auckland

Year Started:

6 Months

Project Value:

Contract Type:

When Continental Cars wanted to build their showroom for the new “beetle”, they trusted Canam to build it for them.

The concept design came from Germany. Canam’s challenge was to reduce and fit this international design into a smaller and restricted site, surrounded by existing buildings and a busy street.

The project includes a reinforced concrete basement, a showroom offices and the service department, with the relevant amenities.

Curved walls, exposed structural steel, inclined curtain wall with ‘moveable’ parts, a sandstone portal, aluminium shades, stainless steel, bulkheads, exotic timbers and elaborated skylights provided Canam with the opportunity to show off excellent workmanship, using its own carpenters and joiners.

“We are grateful to Canam for delivering to us this high quality and ‘sexy’ building on time and within budget. This is a building we are all proud of.”

– Tim Bailey the Managing Director of Continental Cars, in his speech during the official opening