Viko Processing Lab & Offices

RC Dimock Family Trust

Mangere, Auckland

Year Started:

6 Months

Project Value:

Contract Type:
Design & Build

This state of the art film processing laboratory and offices was designed and built by Canam Construction for RC Dimock Family Trust.

The 1200m² laboratory area has precast concrete walls with structural steel roof framing. Due to the building being sited on a floodplain, a large culvert was first constructed under the floor to alleviate any possible flooding.

The office area included a full fitout internally and a faceted composite panel fascia over heat reflective glass in aluminium joinery externally.

The laboratory where photographs are developed consists of a dark room, special lighting and anti static floor coverings. Site works include car parks, landscaped areas and external lighting.

The project was completed ahead of program and within budget.