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SkyCity and Canam went into this project with the same proactive attitude towards Health and Safety: “Prevent Harm and Promote Wellness”.

From the outset, this shared goal of risk mitigation and management ensured there would be a clear understanding from all parties involved that the utmost care would be taken prior to, and for the duration of the onsite operations. Level 54 of the SkyTower houses 3 x 300 kw water chillers. These water chillers deliver essential air conditioning to the Sky Tower’s restaurants, public areas, but most importantly to the critical operational infrastructure, telecommunication and data systems used for the majority of Auckland’s emergency services. These systems require a constant temperature to mitigate the risk of this critical equipment overheating.

The existing chillers were to be replaced by 3 brand new York Air cooling systems, but due to the height and limited access, the chillers needed to be dismantled on site and taken out in pieces. The new chillers were then built onsite on an exterior floor plate, meaning the contractors would be working at extreme heights with high winds and limited space.

After several meetings assessing risk mitigation and project methodologies with SkyCity, a safety scrim net was installed around the radius of the work area; an innovative way to reduce the risk involved with working on an elevated exterior floor plate 54 levels up. The safety scrim combined with full time onsite safety supervision further reduced the risk associated with such an exposed environment. Furthermore, endless hours were spent preparing detailed methodologies for all high risk elements of the job which where constantly reviewed by SkyCity and Canam. Overall, the Chiller Project was a huge success attributable to the collaborative approach and strong stance Canam and SkyCity take towards health and safety.