Pepsico Bathroom Upgrade

Pepsico NZ

124 Wiri Station Road, Manukau

Year Started:

1 month

Project Value:

Contract Type:
Lump Sum

The project consisted of the demolition and refurbishment of two locker rooms for male and female as well as the bathroom and shower facilities for both.

Also included was the foyer to the change rooms and a separate bathroom to the manufacturing section referred to as the “Robot Room”. During this time temporary facilities was constructed in nearby vacant areas.

The staff facilities where quite dated and run down, refurbishment included new LED light fittings, changing the old vinyl floors to ceramic tiles and all new paint. All sanitary wares where replaced with new, including new shower cubicles.

The refurb allowed us to address and remediate traditional maintenance issues like reinstalling the hydraulic waste which was constantly blocking, as well as installing emergency lights that was not to specification and cleaning the existing mechanical ducts.

All this was done in a food grade, live working environment and special attention was given to dust control and potential risk of contaminating the surrounding area with construction debris.

Canam successfully combined our health and safety policy and procedures with those of the client and no incidents or accidents occurred during the project.

The staff at Pepsico now have a clean, well lit facility that was completed
on time during the year end shut down period.