M-Social Hotel Refurbishment

Millenium Hotels

Quay Street, Auckland

Year Started:

2 Years

Project Value:

Contract Type:
Fixed Price Lump Sum

The M-Social Hotel was the full strip out and refurbishment of the existing hotel.

The works involved were demolishing the full existing brick façade and stripping it back to the concrete substrate. All existing interiors were removed including brick partitioning walls, lifts and window joinery. Canam also carefully handled asbestos removal without having any H&S issues.
Upon completion of demolition seismic structural steel strengthening was carried out on each of the 13 floors, including strengthening the fire escape stairwells. Light weight Steel Stud partitioning was lined with various client designs such as Tiling, Wallpaper, Concrete Vinyl and Oko Skin Cladding to give the building a unique and modern feel.

Whilst internal works continued, the southern façade of the building was framed and lined with James Hardies Exotec Cladding System, while to complement this on the North, East and West Facades a Sto Solid Plaster Façade was finished with matching colours to give the building continuity and elegance.

The first and ground floor were constructed to be open and inviting spaces suitable for large conferencing as well as a fully functioning restaurant. All Canam staff enjoyed the challenges represented with a refurbishment project and as per the photographs shown, the final product was a testament to the hard work out in by the site management team.