Lynn Mall Farmers Extension

Kiwi Income Property Trust

New Lynn, Auckland

Year Started:

4 Months

Project Value:

Contract Type:
Lump Sum

We were engaged by Kiwi Income Property Trust to undertake an extension to the existing Farmers retail store within the LynnMall Shopping Centre.

The project scope included:
The demolition of 3 existing tenancies within the mall including existing mall circulation space, to create an additional 550sqm of tenancy space for Farmers at the front of their tenancy.

Installation of new structural steel elements to enable existing Mall structural columns to be removed to provide a larger open floor plan for Farmers.

Construction of a new entrance to the Farmers store that was 10m out into the existing Mall circulation zone.

Installation of new dedicated HVAC plant for Farmers (including a new chiller, and 3 new AHU’s, numerous Fan Coil Units) to replace existing plant, including associated pipework and electrical services to the Mechanical equipment.

Some of the specific challenges that the project faced included:
Undertaking works that infringed and impacted on the operational areas of the Mall. Impacts were minimised by undertaking certain works out of hours; utilising movable hoardings and coordinating the project activities with Mall Centre Management.

Removal of existing plant and installation of the new plant into existing plant spaces, while maintaining services to the existing tenancy. Temporary air supplies were utilised to maintain ventilation within the Farmers tenancy whilst plantrooms were opened up, plant removed and the new installed.

Coordination and sequencing of work within the new tenancy spaces to suit Farmers internal refit that was also being undertaken at the time of the project. Close liaison with Farmers store staff was maintained to ensure these works were coordinated with after-hours activities as well as security provisions were not compromised to the store.

In order to enable all stakeholders to understand the sequencing and how the work would be undertaken, a staging plan with marked up photos of the Mall at various stages was produced by Canam and reviewed by the parties prior to works commencing. This process enabled expectations to be clearly articulated and understood which in turn helped the planning and early establishment activities to be successfully implemented.