John Lysaght Building Refurbishment

Auckland Waterfront Development Agency Ltd/Auckland Council


Year Started:

15 Months

Project Value:

Contract Type:
Fixed Price Lump Sum

This project was GridAKL’s first permanent building, housing a mix of start-ups and SME’s with shared meeting, 100 person event space, technology and cafe facilities The Lysaght building was built in the 1920’s and derives its name from the John Lysaght steel company that was the original tenant in the space.

Since then, it’s been home to a number of industrial uses. As part of the refurbishment and seismic upgrade, the exterior façade along both Halsey and Pakenham Streets was retained and enhanced with modifications to the window detailing and existing entrance arrangements. The northern facade was “opened up”, and fully glazed, with a decorative offset screen, intended for managing solar gain and amenity. Internally, the building was be split into two levels with the addition of a mezzanine floor. To maintain the buildings character, the original wooden columns and roof trusses were retained along with the existing roofing iron, protected by a second roof. All aspects of the building were strengthened to achieve 100% new building standard.

Due to the contamination of the existing area Canam implemented a detailed Environmental Management Plan to ensure that all waste was contained and dealt with in accordance with the local authorities recommendation.

Canam worked closely with the Consultants in order for the project to achieve Green Start accreditation at the highest possible level. Initiatives to obtain the rating included a symphonic drainage system, use of recycled materials during construction, and a large rainwater storage tank.