Glendene & West Harbour Community Hubs

Auckland City Council


Year Started:

17 Weeks Each

Project Value:
$0.70M Each

Contract Type:
Fixed Price Lump Sum

Glendene and West Harbour Community Hub projects were successfully procured through competitive tender. The scope of these projects was to build two Community facilities fit for general public use, and various other community services.

Both 163 sqm buildings offer the public multiple areas to use within the facility, ranging from meeting rooms, quiet spaces, full commercial kitchen facilities, and fantastic indoor / outdoor areas.

Although the buildings were constructed using materials usually specified for commercial fitouts, the use of high pitched ceilings provides the interiors with a sense of enough room and space to breath, with warmth achieved through
floor-to-ceiling glazing.

Using the same subcontractors for both, the two hubs were built concurrently, ensuring the council would have identical buildings once completed. The organisation and drive from the construction team meant the two projects finished on time and to budget, providing the Auckland City Council with fantastic community styled Hubs to share amongst the local community and its service affiliations.