Eastcliffe Retirement Village

Eastcliffe Developments Ltd

Orakei, Auckland

Year Started:

12 Months

Project Value:

Contract Type:
Lump Sum Tender

The village was constructed in Orakei on the edge of Bastion Point and provides stunning uninterrupted views of the gulf.

The main structure consists of a U shape building founded on strip footings and concrete floors. The perimeter and inter tenancy walls are reinforced precast concrete slabs strapped and lined to provide the required acoustic and thermal properties. Decorative moulding and large balconies are used to articulate the form of the building and to take advantage of the views.

Extensive building services, including a boiler fire sprinklers, electrical security, data, and air-conditioning are provided to create a safe and pleasant environment.

This three storey building houses 67 serviced apartments, 28 extra care units, lounges, dining rooms, kitchens, doctors surgery, hairdressers and offices.
Construction of the village was completed on time and the quality is of a very high standard, all in keeping within the village’s location. The grounds have been extensively landscaped incorporating a water feature.