Clinical Education Centre

Auckland District Health Board

Grafton, Auckland

Year Started:

4 Months

Project Value:

Contract Type:

This project involved constructing a lecture and conference centre to be used by surgical staff. No internal access was allowed through the hospital and all subcontractors and materials had to gain access to the site through a window on the second floor.

The central section of the project was a 200-seat auditorium with circular tiered seating and ‘state of the art’ audio and visual equipment. In addition there were six conference rooms with a seating capacity of 160. All works were constructed to the highest level of sound rating.

To successfully complete this project we had a dedicated team of carpenters, subcontractors and site management who were well informed of the requirements of the working hospital. Weekly ‘impact’ meetings were held with hospital staff to advise them of upcoming noisy works. Constant communication with the design team was essential to ensure that desired results were achieved. With our QA system in place the standard of finishes was high with minimal remedial work required. The contract was completed on time and within budget.