AWMM Storage Facility

Auckland Museum Trust Board

Otahuhu, Auckland

Year Started:

11 Months

Project Value:

Contract Type:
Lump Sum Contract

The project involved the transformation of an existing 3,500m2 warehouse to a storage facility for the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

The facility was designed and built to create a controlled environment for the storage of precious artefacts. The warehouse space accommodated cool stores, offices, an internal mezzanine floor for AHU’s, a laboratory and a new external plant building for chillers. The works consisted of structures with timber framing, steel purlins and plywood floors laid with vinyl.

The project was advanced from strengthening the existing trusses by welding additional shear stress elements. Subsequently, the services were hung from an XFAM panel roof which in turn was hung from the strengthened trusses. A huge challenege of the project was maintaining a controlled environment whilst building large rooms in XFAM panels and timber framing.

The project also displayed all the challenges of building at height, time contraints amidst a busy Auckland market and persistent coordination of services. The construction was also complex in terms of building fire rated compartments, managing penetrations whilst at the same time maintaining a high degree of room integrity.

The project was completed with zero accidents and in close collaboration with the various engineering consulting firms. The changes in designs at different stages were handled well through close communication with the end user, the museum staff.